An Explanation


Walk where, why and how? Oh and an invite…



The simple answer is to walk the entire South African coastline (along the shoreline as much as is physically and legally allowable), from the west coast border town of Alexander Bay to the east coast border village of Kosi Bay.

A walk of approximately 2850km.

Alexander Bay is located at the mouth of the mighty Orange river on the west coast river border between South Africa and Namibia.
Kosi Bay is a village at the east coast border with Mozambique.



It’s time for another adventure. I have had the itch for some time now after my mammoth solo motorbike adventure in 2007.

I have spent lots of time considering what to do next. The ideas have been as varied as they have been extravagant: paddle the SA coast, swim a river, jet ski a river or the coast, climb a mountain etc. but I have a family, a business and sanity prevailed. There is always the question of the financial and time constraints an expedition places on the adventurer and those closest to him/her.

Over time the idea settled and watching Levison Wood (no relation) walking through the most incredible places solidified the plan.

There were other motivations that drove me to settle on this idea. Public speaking and promoting my beautiful South Africa.

I have been drawn more and more towards public speaking and using my expeditions and adventures to motivate, encourage or simply entertain people. For some reason I feel having two adventures to reference is ideal. So, this is research in a sense for speaking engagements. Feel free to contact me for appointments.

As far as promoting South Africa. The United States has the Appalachian Trail. A little further than the coastline of South Africa but world renowned. People from all over the world walk all or part of the A.T. and it has created a cottage industry of accommodation and food providers along the route. At the same time showing people the incredible beauty of the land.

It is my intention to recreate a similar experience for people along our amazing coastline


I am by no means the first to do this walk. Many before me have taken between 8-10 months to complete the entire trip. They have done this as a single expedition.

As I said before, I have family and business commitments so have decided to break the walk up into monthly bite sized chunks.

In practice, the plan is to take the month of April, annually, to walk for a month at a time until the expedition is complete. The month of April generally has great weather and with all the public holidays it’s the month that I will miss the least work. Also, with all the public holidays, if I am lucky, I may have family join me for some sections.
So, at the beginning of the month of April, I will travel to the start or to where I ended off the year before, walk as far as I can, then at the end of April I will travel home. The following year I will repeat the travelling to the last spot I left off and continue onwards for the month. I will do this year after year for the month of April until I have completed the expedition and arrive at the border with Mozambique.



Whilst I am doing this essentially solo, I am offering an open invite for anyone to join me at any stage to walk along with me. Be it an hour, a day, a week, a month or more……………. come along and have an adventure.
**PS there are terms and conditions to joining me on the trip. No fees or charges