Born and bred in Durban, South Africa, I grew up with parents who enjoyed travel. Whilst their idea of travel was staying in resorts or hotels and guided tours, I always had a leaning to adventure and do it yourself forms of travel.

Although not an avid reader, I devour autobiographies of adventurers and expedition leaders. Pioneers who went where no one had been before. The likes, living and dead, of Burton & Speake, Livingstone, Mike Horn, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Levison Wood and many others.

It is their dual drive of character out of curiosity and the excitement of a challenge that I subscribe to.

With a good travel desire set by my parents, I started to fine tune my own travels towards adventure-based expeditions.

After leaving school I qualified as a scuba diving instructor and this took me to many great dive sites on the East coast of South Africa. Thereafter I spent time working as an Instructor in Mauritius and Seychelles.

After a short diving career, I enrolled at the University of Natal where I made friends with like-minded adventurers who introduced me to the Drakensberg and hiking/camping in the beautiful area.

Later, one of my best mates and I decided to see in the millennium at a friend’s cottage on the side of lake Malawi. The trick though, is that we used only public transport in the forms of busses, taxis and hitch-hiking to get from Beitbridge on the South African/Zimbabwean border to travel through Zimbabwe to Malawi and on to the lake. Then the return trip to Johannesburg was via the same forms of transport through Malawi and Mozambique back to South Africa before a short drive to Durban.

In 2007 I completed a lifelong dream to travel from South Africa to London solo on a motorbike. An amazing adventure all round. I travelled through 15 countries and 18 000km. Along the way I climbed Kilimanjaro and that was an adventure within an adventure.

Whilst I foolishly thought that was the adventuring portion of my life done, I only learnt that once you do one you have to do another and here, we are………. walking Alex2Kosi. A little walk from Alexander Bay on the Namibian border to Kosi Bay on the Mozambican border.

Join me for a little walk.

In-between daydreaming about amazing places and adventures or challenges, I own a commercial & Industrial property business www.andrewwoodproperties.co.za and have always had one or two side-line businesses on the go